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The Tollhouse Trials

What happens to the soul after death? Can love conquer all? Is it possible for a man of this day and age to enter Heaven?

Daniel Rouza leads a normal life of love, life, family and career but, his struggle with faith and temptations keeps one foot in each world. Can his wife Lydia, with her strong Christian faith, his church, friends along with deeds in this life, help him make it past the demons that guard the Tollhouses and reach eternal life?

In his debut novel, C.E. Bass takes you through one man’s journey from life, death and the aerial Tollhouses spoken of by St. Paul, the ancient church Father’s and modern day Saints.

“The Tollhouse Trials” is a no-hold- barred story of what we do in this time and how it affects our salvation. Escape from The Tollhouses appeals to all readers from the “Pilgrim’s Progress” to “The Exorcist”.